Follow Spring

Spring is such a confusing time. Especially this Spring. The whole planet seems confused. It's a  transitory time awash in silver linings, snowdrifts and glaring drops of sun.  I am one with this moody, unseasonal, unpredictable and gorgeous time. When I sat down to work yesterday, I couldn't find that focus I'd just had the day before. What I mean by 'that focus' is that time in your work when you not only perform your tasks efficiently and with ease, but when it happens simultaneously with learning more about your work at the same time as feeling the thrill of an achievement. But that was the other day. On this day, it just wasn't there. After a few emails and status checks, I was ready to accept that I should just follow my feeling. So I reached out to a friend I've been trying to connect with more and asked her if she could escape outside with me. She made my day and then she posted photos of it to her blog. Somewhere in the tumult of romances, continuing my education and having a family, we lost track of each other. I found her last year on the news, modeling Quickstudy bicycle dresses. Her friendship is like that focus: an easy synchrony, captivating differences and light that shows me more of myself than I can usually see. Sometimes that thing you don't do today was better off done the day before. But you can't go living in the past, now. Tomorrow might just have to do.